New Home Construction – 10 Reasons to Build vs. Buy

#1 Custom Finishes. Why settle for another person’s tastes which may be outdated at your time of purchase? With new home construction, you can select your favorite cabinets, countertops, flooring, paint colors, plumbing, and electrical fixtures to make your home uniquely yours.

#2 Custom Design. Many families have unique home needs. Maybe there are 2 or 3 children in the house that would appreciate a playroom, or you need a particular area in your home for an elderly parent to live with you. Finding an existing home that meets your family’s individual needs can be a daunting task. New home construction will allow you customize your home design to fit your family’s needs.

#3 Safety. New homes are built to meet today’s environmentally friendly codes and safety standards. This means there are significantly fewer chances of the building materials containing volatile organic compounds, paint products are safer, and HVAC coolants are safer today than they have ever been. Today, home electrical system standards require better circuitry including wired smoke detection systems with battery backup throughout the home that lowers the opportunity for home fires.

#4 Advanced Technology & Home Automation. Did you know that you could control your homes lights, fans, garage doors, door locks, appliances and air conditioners by the sound of your voice? Just a few years ago these functions were only something we saw in science fiction movies, but today they are a reality. Many new homes are equipped with state of the art technology that works with your WiFi connection and can be controlled by your voice or smartphone.

#5 Energy & Monthly Savings. Today’s new homes are more efficient than homes that were built just five years ago and are significantly more efficient than homes 10 to 20 years ago. Windows that are used today are typically double-pane and utilize required insulation techniques that have significantly improved air conditioning system efficiency. The difference between energy costs on a new home vs. a home that is ten years old can be dramatic.

#6 Less Maintenance. Homes today offer new designs and construction techniques that can reduce the amount of maintenance required on your home substantially. The use of computer-aided design and machine manufacturing makes for better installation techniques and less long-term maintenance. Newer homes also offer higher ceilings and open floor plans which better reflect the way we live. These designs and cutting-edge products are engineered to work together better and require less maintenance over the life of the home.

#7 Warranties. New homes and the products within it are all under warranty, some of which are guaranteed for ten years. These warranties offer immediate peace of mind and provide buyers years of comfort and enjoyment before having to worry about upgrades and replacements.

#8 Location. New homes are typically built in newer subdivisions or “up and coming” areas of a community. It’s likely that they are also surrounded by other new homes which still incorporate a modern and fresh appeal. Newer subdivisions may also have amenities, sidewalks and designated common areas that were less common in prior generations.

#9 Wind, Storms & Homeowners Insurance. Today’s homes are required by law to be built to withstand winds and rains from storms far better than homes that were built even ten years ago. Insurance companies recognize the benefit of these building techniques and products and often provide generous discounts on insurance policies for new homeowners. Owners of newer homes can rest much more relaxed knowing that their house was built to weather the storm.

#10 That new home feel. “New car smell,” it doesn’t just apply to cars! Homes are a reflection of the needs and desires of the person who built it. When purchasing a home you may find that the house can be made to fit your needs, but with new construction, you can design the home to meet every requirement that you need.