Building Timeline

The “Secure” 5 Step Process

Building a home is a big decision – one that might seem daunting. While this may be your first time building, relax! We have been helping families build quality central Florida homes. Here’s how our “Secure” 5 step process works:

1 | Select a Homesite
You can choose from our available lot inventory or we can build on your own lot.
2 | Select a Model & Personalize it
One great advantage of building a new home is the opportunity to really make it your own. Spend some time selecting custom features, fixtures and upgrades to make it uniquely yours. If you don’t feel that one of our models will work for your family, we are happy to work with you to custom design a house that will!
3 | Complete a Construction Agreement
Your Construction Agreement will outline the specifics of your new home and your individual selections and upgrades. You’ll also receive a construction draw schedule outlining the costs associated with each phase.
4 | Construction Begins
Once your down payment is complete (and mortgage is approved, if applicable), we can start construction. Typical permitting times range from 3 to 4 weeks and building averages 20 to 24 weeks depending on house size and weather factors.
5 | Go to Closing & Move in
At this point your home is complete. A date and time will be set for closing at which point all final payments will be due. Papers will be signed, you’ll receive a Certificate of Occupancy as well as a Contractors Final Affidavit and we’ll turn over the keys to your new Secure Built home.

Let’s Get Started…

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